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Diabetes Doctor San Bernardino - Dr. Cora Lanyon, D.C.

A life-changing, breakthrough, clinical approach is helping thousands of type 2 diabetics like yourself completely reverse their condition.
That’s right–you can be FREE of diabetes!

Think about what life would be like for you if you no longer:

  • Stressed over hard-to-control and potentially dangerous blood glucose levels.

  • Needed costly prescription drugs and insulin shots to prevent unhealthy sugar spikes and crashes.

  • Missed out on good times with your loved ones due to low energy and fatigue.

  • Lived every day dreading what the future might hold as this devastating disease progressed within you.

Now you can.

Imagine knowing what causes diabetes and using that knowledge to recapture your health.

Stop settling for generic explanations of why you cannot defeat this disease. You’re a unique person, and your treatment needs to be unique, too.


Has a doctor ever said this to you?

“Sorry, it’s in your genes. It’s non-preventable and incurable, and there’s not much you can do about it.”

“To slow the type 2 diabetes progression, all you can really do is eat better, get to the gym, trim off some pounds, and take your meds and insulin injections.”

“Face it – you’ll be diabetic as long as you live.”

Don’t you believe it for a second. There is now an innovative, clinically validated solution for type 2 diabetes patients that can completely reverse this disease and free you to live the happy, healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about!

You no longer have to suffer from type 2 diabetes!

Forget about anything you’ve ever heard or been told about traditional diabetes treatments. They rarely work…and they’re often both risky and uncomfortable.

Forget about “solutions” like drugs and insulin therapy. They’re temporary and superficial, never treating the real causes of your symptoms while leaving you with potentially nasty side effects.

Don’t fall for it.

There’s now evidence that traditional drug and insulin therapy can actually cause your disease to worsen and cause problems with natural insulin production within your body.

The results can be scary.

We now know that increasing insulin can actually have an anti-therapeutic effect, making your health worse, not better. That’s exactly what you don’t want to happen.

High levels of insulin—which occurs when you add artificial insulin to your natural insulin—is a genuine threat to your health. It’s downright dangerous, in fact.


What can excessive levels of insulin do to your body?

It’s a litany of things you DON’T want:

  • A shorter lifespan

  • Unhealthy weight gain

  • Increased insulin resistance

  • Dangerously high blood pressure

  • Damaging cardiovascular disease

  • Higher risk of cancer

Worst of all, some of these treatments can actually cause DEATH.

But now… something better.
Much better.

At long last, there is now a far safer and healthier approach to treating—and even reversing—your type 2 diabetes.

At this very moment, there are countless diabetics who, just like you, are taking control of their health – and the results they are experiencing are nothing short of phenomenal.

We have developed a clinically validated, breakthrough approach to treating diabetes that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Forget everything you may have heard about genetic predisposition, family history, your level of fitness, or even the foods you eat.

Instead, imagine you could:

  • Cut down or even discontinue your reliance upon prescriptions and insulin therapies—while savings thousands on testing supplies.

  • Feel in complete control of your health again, with ever-increasing confidence in your body’s innate ability to function.

  • Unleash TONS of unbounded energy levels… naturally.

  • Eliminate your risk of future nerve damage, heart conditions, and premature death.

  • Lose weight – even without exercising!

  • Live a full life without worrying about a diabetes-related disease threatening you in the future.

What we do:

We begin by providing you with a set of specialized lab tests that go far beyond the basic tests used by traditional medicine doctors.

From these tests, we’re able to create a custom, personalized plan based upon the actual causes of your diabetes type 2.

Everyone’s different, so it stands to reason that there should be no one-plan-fits-all. Your plan… is YOUR plan.

We treat you like the individual you are.


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Come meet Dr. Cora Lanyon, D.C. –
Diabetes Doctor San Bernardino

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how you can reverse your diabetes. Our techniques are clinically validated and our success rate is very high. Schedule your FREE diabetes assessment at our office and begin the process of recapturing your health today!

What do our clients have to say about their experience?


“I am getting to a place where I am healthy again.”


“I recommend this program to anybody.”


“We are very happy about the results.”


“I don’t have to take insulin anymore.”


“What happened to me is some sort of a miracle.”


“I’m able to get out and about. I’ve lost 32.5 lbs.”